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We are two highly experienced brand marketing communications specialists with over 17 years’ under our belts. We have built the hottest ‘little black book’ in town, full of best-in-class freelancers. We build each team from scratch depending on the project so you only pay for exactly what you need, and have the best people for the job, every time.


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Jess Mac(Intyre)



Natalie Moore(s)


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With 10 years in the advertising world under her belt as well as being CIM qualified, Jess has spent her career working on some ground-breaking marketing projects for ad-tech start-ups, media businesses and clients such as Heineken and Pernod Ricard. Her mantra has always been work hard and be nice to people and through this ethos she has worked alongside some creative people resulting in work she’s hugely proud of. Jess’ approach to getting the very best outcome means she doesn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary, and won’t stop until the work is something she’s proud to shout about. She’s responsible for the client relationships and developing best-in-class marketing strategies that align with overall business objectives to allow our clients to get to the next level of success. Beyond the 9-5 she has taken part in various charitable projects including a year volunteering at the FCancer Project and is currently working for You Make It as a mentor.


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With a Masters in Creative Writing and years of leading the marketing output at various media companies, Nat handles the creative side of Mac&Moore's projects. She loves the chance to develop bespoke personalities for brands that allow them to speak like people ... not dry corporates. From advert copy to a big idea to launch a brand, Nat loves to collaborate and work closely with clients to get under the skin of the company and deliver the best results. A fierce advocate for gender equality and women’s rights, her writing on the subject can be found in The Huffington Post and The Independent amongst others. She’s also a published poet, with her work being featured in print both in the UK and North America and can often be found at Spoken Word evenings ranting about topics ranging from her disdain for the Thigh Gap to a comparison between Tinder and a giant Wetherspoons.



Along our business journey we’ve realised that the traditional, more archaic working structures just aren’t working. We had an opportunity to do something different, to question everything about how things are done, break down old ways and build new ones that work for both ourselves and our clients. The more we’ve shared about this, the more we realised that others feel the same, and we want to keep on sharing and building from here. We’ve created a platform, built on the following pillars, for like-minded individuals to meet, connect and collaborate.


A new way of working

Breaking free of the 9-5 grind has taught us that there is another way. By challenging the status quo we’ve found ways to be more efficient and deliver better results to our clients. Not only this but we build our working week around our objectives, meaning more effective working and a better work/life balance

Collaborate, not compete

Along our business journey we’ve connected with some amazing partners who allow us to offer our clients best-in-class work beyond our own specialisms. We believe that working together creates better results and this also means we continue learning and expanding our skillsets for the benefit of our clients.

Do things properly

In the world of marketing there’s a lot of noise. You can do things quickly, cheaply, even do things yourself, but there’s no substitute for doing things properly. We are big advocates for a well thought-through marketing strategy which is aligned to your business objectives and a skilled execution, whatever the budget or business size.

Beyond the platform, we work closely with our clients to help them grow and achieve their goals through a diverse and gender-balanced approach, read more about...


The Female Focus

We’re still unpicking bad habits, learning how best to communicate and how to empower ourselves and each other. Along the way, we’ve formed partnerships with some incredible women who are smashing it in their respective fields. We created The Female Focus to champion and celebrate these women … and spread the word of their greatness.

Watch this space for more sweet collaborations and Read The Female Focus!