Providing branding and marketing for start-ups and small businesses

We can help you to meet your business objectives and solve your business problems through measurable marketing and communications.


Covering all bases from consultancy, strategy, social media, e-marketing, re-branding and a whole host of other mad marketing skills, Mac&Moore can get involved with one-off project work or if you want us in it for the long haul we can provide longer term contracts.


Because you're busy. Probably too busy to be reading this right now. But when the pressure is on you need to know that your work is in a safe pair of hands (or in this case two).


As a bolt-on to your existing team

We have both worked as in-house Marketing Managers and we know how hard it is to maintain the day-to-day alongside the bigger projects. We can support your Marketing team by taking some of those more future-facing, strategic jobs off their hands and allowing them to focus on their own workload.


Before your first hire 

As you establish and grow your new business, you want to make sure your branding and positioning is being taken care of by people who know what they're doing. But cashflow at the start might mean you can't afford a permanent marketing hire with a lot of experience. We can help you establish your brand consistently and to a high standard.


Brand Workshops and Consultancy

 Maybe you've got big ideas of your own and you want to get some help in understanding how to get them from paper to profit. We can offer one or two day workshops with your senior team which can offer a fresh perspective and direction on where you can go next. 


There can be economy only when there is efficiency

We live in the real world. We understand that the nature of your business means you may not have the budget or require a full time employee to cover all of your marketing needs. We work collectively and autonomously with a client to ensure that they get exactly what they need within the budget/time required. And after that, if you want to come back for more, we'll be here!

Work hard, be good to people

Reputation is everything and we've both worked hard to ensure we follow good business practices. We're both huge fans of working within a positive and collaborative culture which we believe delivers great results for all. We also have great relationships with our network of suppliers and work hard to maintain them - a handwritten thank you card goes a long way.


"You can always tell ambitious women from the shape of their head... They're flat on the top from being patted patronisingly so many times" Dame Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley

We have both seen first-hand throughout our careers how tough it can be as a female in the workplace to make yourself heard and make sure you're taken seriously. By sharing our stories we've gathered a veritable plethora of other amazing ladies and formed a bit of a gang. They are driven, intelligent and we love them very much. We are absolutely committed to helping other young women either within their existing 9-5s or those setting out on their own entrepreneurial journeys. 


We have been fortunate enough to work with some wonderful people along our Mac&Moore journey so far. People from all different types of businesses who are open to a creative approach and a new way of thinking. Although we specialise in working with smaller, B2B brands, as you'll see we've covered a fair few more different types of project and business than that!


"Working with Natalie and Jess has been incredibly exciting and successful. They helped transform one of our more standard retention campaigns into a fantastically creative and engaging piece of communication. Their enthusiasm and creativity was always evident. This, alongside their strong business acumen, helped us create a well-rounded retention program suiting both customer and business needs."

Dominic Bloxam - Customer Marketing Manager

ET_logo_side-CMYK-COLOUR copy.png

"We have been working with Mac&Moore for some time now on our recently launched brand refresh and website rebuild. They have genuinely taken the time to get to know us as a business and get a feel for our brand’s ‘personality’ before producing a series of assets and a new website that we’re really excited about. Jess and Nat are both very knowledgeable, calm under pressure, and have given us lots of direct, honest feedback and advice – which was definitely needed and appreciated! We’ve enjoyed working with Mac&Moore and look forward to continuing our partnership with them moving forward."

Sophie Gray - Head of Operations



"It’s always a pleasure to work with Jess and Nat, they bring so much enthusiasm and energy into every meeting and this is reflected in the quality of the work they have produced for us to date. They are a fantastic support to me and our small marketing team and I look forward to working with them more in the future."

Tori Hirst - Marketing Manager