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Thinking is good. Talking is great. Doing is best.

A Manifesto powered by Mac&Moore and Clo PR

Mac&Moore and Clo PR have teamed up to turn words into actions and to alter the landscape for the next generation of women in work. We have created a manifesto and an action plan based on three pillars of doing things properly, doing things differently and creating a platform for people on their way up.

If every journey begins with a single step, this manifesto is ours. We’ve thought about the route, planned the journey, talked about how we’ll get there, so there’s nothing left for us to do except for getting started. We want to create long-lasting, impactful and infrastructural change across both traditional workplace structures and the new but rapidly developing freelance economy.

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Five things we’ve learned in 2017

2017 has been an incredible year for us. From beating the January blues on a Mexican beach in January to our big move over to Amsterdam at the end of the summer, it has been ALL GO! So, through all the madness, chaos and ridiculous antics we wanted to take a pause, take a breath and share the five biggest things we’ve learned this year and what they mean to each of us.

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How to Hustle like a Pro

Yesterday morning Nat and I dragged ourselves out of bed to walk through the dark and blustery streets of Amsterdam and attend the SheSays Amsterdam “How to hustle like a pro” negotiation workshop. Now, I’ve been to my fair share of talks/workshops and a lot of the time they are very hit and miss. Whether that’s because of an uninspiring subject matter, or a lack of vision/intent with the content presented, you can sometimes leave feeling frustrated that the only benefit of attending was an Instagram Story and a free croissant. However, the “How to hustle like a pro” workshop completely exceeded my expectations, they smashed it.

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Best co-working and freelance spots in Amsterdam (UPDATED FOR 2019)

Nat and I re-located to Amsterdam nearly 3 months ago now. Within that time, we’ve been lucky enough to explore and get to know this amazing city. As freelancers working remotely it was important we found some great co-working spaces / coffee shops where we could continue our hustle and also get down to work.

So we’ve collated our top 5 spots to hang out and “get s**t done”.  

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Four Reasons to Relocate Your Business to Amsterdam

Why would you relocate a one year old business from London to Amsterdam?

June 2017 was a fantastic time of year. Kicking off the summer in true London style with rooftop bar openings and street food markets popping up ready to ply greedy sun-seekers with Pimms. The other reason that June was so enjoyable was that the business we never thought we’d set up turned one year old. This was both totally exciting and quite terrifying in equal measure because if something has worked for a year … It’s safe to say it should carry on working. My business partner Jess and I have spent the past year establishing our marketing company, building up a roster of clients and getting bedded into the ‘running your own business’ game.

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Oh, you’re one of those ‘Career Women’?

Now, before you roll your eyes and close this browser in favour of an article about what madness Justin Bieber has been up to this week or a video compilation of James Corden’s best Carpool Karaoke’s … Hear me out.

I recently read an article on The Huffington Post from a couple of years ago. The author’s take on the subject was GENUINELY that the ‘masculine energy’ we exhibit in the workplace could be harmful to our dating life. That we can have a career at any time so we should probably put our energy into finding a husband first … AND that ‘it’s a good idea to be involved with other women and/or feminine activities to maintain some level of girly-ness’. Like what? Inserting tampons and softly weeping into stuffed bears?

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Best co-working & freelance spots in London (Updated for 2019)

I’ve always been a big believer that being in an office working 9-5 does not necessarily mean you’re going to create the most effective and creative work possible. That being said we have found it important to find a few cozy spots around London that can provide us with free and reliable Wi-Fi, great coffee (a MUST) and a calm vibe that allows you to discuss your latest project (or what you got up to last night) whilst also enabling you to “crack on” and get your work done.

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Why setting up your own business is exactly like being single ... PART TWO

THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS. IT'S BACK! In July last year I wrote this post drawing direct comparisons between my dating escapades and setting up Mac&Moore

And guess what? I'm STILL single and STILL running a business. Which ... for all you lucky readers has led to even more comparisons for your amusement and general entertainment. And for those of you who thought this might include Jess and I finally just sacking it all off and getting engaged I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. There's always part three... (SUSPENSE MUCH?)

Enjoy! x

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Work Well Being

If you could ask me what one of my biggest struggles is it's learning how to strike a balance between my personal and work life. Being ambitious and entrepreneurial often means your brain never stops ticking and whilst you come up with a plethora of amazing ideas and have the drive to execute them there is also the risk of burning out. The past year I've worked hard to not only build a business i'm proud of but also to apply some self-love and attention to my wellbeing. 

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Invest in Rest

So as some of you MAY have realised, from our chipper out of office, relentless Instagram spam or general gloating … Jess and I recently went on holiday.

First of all, I would like to extend a wholehearted apology to any of you who were looking at our social media feed of azure waters and margaritas whilst sat eating a dry Tesco sandwich at your desk. That was very cruel of us.

But, now we’re back and into the swing of the new year (a couple of weeks later than usual years) it’s a good time to take a moment and think about exactly what effect that little break has done for us now we’re back to work.

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