F**k the Thigh Gap

One of the most amazing and liberating parts of running Mac&Moore is the fact that we can dictate when, how and who we work with. This seemingly small thing that I used to take for granted has been absolutely incredible in allowing both Jess and I to pursue our other passions in life (aside from winding each other up). 

As a few of you may already know, one of my passions is writing poems on the following topics and occasionally standing up in front of other people and loudly ranting it at them:

1) Being female
2) Being a single female
3) How annoying it is to try and be a single female in the modern world
4) Sex and/or relationships
5) Garlic bread

I was recently lucky enough to perform at That's What She Said at The Book Club in Shoreditch alongside some of my absolute idols, Joelle Taylor and Bridget Minamore and the absolute #girldonegood Otegha Uwagba. It was an amazing night that provided "a space for women to shout and scream their anger, their frustrations, their desires; a space without censorship, without objectification and without the dreaded “it must be her time of the month” quips."

There I go ... telling Tinder to go SWIVEL

There I go ... telling Tinder to go SWIVEL

I wanted to share the video of my piece from the wonderful Sexy Veg Blog despite the fact that it is NSFW, contains all the swears and gives a rather personal look into my own single experience. The reason I'm so passionate about putting something like this on the Mac&Moore blog is that such a big part of what we do is around female empowerment and encouraging women to be feisty, be strong and not be afraid of being told to be 'ladylike' in order to be respected. 

Also... as the 'blue sky thinker' of the duo ... having a few different creative outlets helps my working life by keeping that side of my brain sharp, and because it requires me to challenge myself to think of different approaches and fresh ways of thinking. 

So in summary ... F**k the thigh gap ... and F**k being ladylike. 

To read the full review click here.

Photography and video courtesy of Rem Berger