What happens when you share a business AND a bed?

I've had the pleasure of knowing Sophie Walton for over twelve years now and luckily she's a laid back kind of gal. Therefore she doesn't particularly mind that I've fancied her boyfriend Jamie for basically the entirety of their seven year relationship ... I mean ... Look at the guy.

So when Soph announced to me that she was quitting her 9-5 and joining Jay full-time at B:Fast Strength and Conditioning gym in Birmingham I was over the moon ... Mainly due to more perving opportunities for me.

Joking aside, having spent a fair bit of time with these two both inside and outside the gym, I can honestly say they are one of my greatest inspirations. Their inclusive, no BS, community approach to leading healthy lifestyle is (in my humble opinion) revolutionary. Their members absolutely adore them, and rightly so. Through focused group sessions, meal planning support, and boundless advice and guidance every step of the way, the B:Fast family are seeing incredible results. This hasn't been an easy road for my two top pals however. Thinking of the sacrifices they have both made in order to achieve their #businessdreams is one of my absolute driving forces in my own Mac&Moore journey.

Naturally when I pleaded with them to do the Q&A they chose to do something that little bit different. So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, allow me to present Birmingham's ultimate power couple ... Soph and Jay.

P.S if you want to learn more about B:Fast and the AMAZING work they do (which you would be mad not to) then check out:

Snapchat: bfastfitness