Astilbe & Sorrel

When Nat and I were thinking about awesome entrepreneurs and start-up businesses we wanted to hero I instantly thought of Astilbe & Sorrel. With a degree in creative arts and a successful career as a Music Editor and Events Co-ordinator, Sophie Hill gave up the 9-5 alongside her London lifestyle to follow her dream of opening up an independent florist in her home town of Hawkhurst in Kent. Channeling her creativity and passion for flowers into her new business venture, Sophie creates beautiful arrangements for weddings, gifts and events. Her amazing work has even led her to win an award for best florist in Kent. We sent Sophie our Q&A to find out why she decided to take the leap into self-employment and the highs and lows of #goingsolo. Have a read!

How long have you been freelance/working for yourself #goingsolo?

Around 3 years.

Describe what you do in five words… GO!

Let flowers do the talking.

What made you decide to take the plunge?

A need for freedom, a passion for flowers.

Where did the name Astilbe & Sorrel come from?

Astilbe is one of my favourite flowers & Sorrel, I like the word and it's also a wild, edible foliage! This of course was decided over a couple of beers with a guy who does the graphics for record sleeves. 

What’s the best bit about being your own boss?

Freedom to think, create, decide & act. Authenticity.

What’s the biggest pain in the arse?

PAPERWORK: Admin, quotes, chasing invoices.

What’s the grand plan/big idea?

Running workshops, growing British flowers, selling online, employing like-minded spirits.

What’s the best bit of advice you could give someone about to #gosolo?

Be bold!

Where do you get your inspiration from? (person, place, action)

Scarlet & Violet - North London florist, natural style & flair.

If we could give you one thing right now (not a wad of cash) that would help your business out the most, what would it be?

A flower farm.

Do you miss anything about London life? If so.. What?

I miss the spirit of London - and need a fix every now and again. I love a good market/street festival - I miss sitting on the pavement with a beer!

Anything you would do differently?

No, I tend not to have regrets, I believe every decision that I make/have made is/was right for the space in time. 

What’s your favourite quote to live/work by?

"Your vibe attracts your tribe".

An example of Sophie's stunning work

An example of Sophie's stunning work

To find out more about Astilbe & Sorrel visit the Facebook page.