Yoga with Ro

I met Ro nearly 10 years ago at our first job in media. We connected over our love for squealing animal noises from across the room, coming up with inappropriate amusing names for each other and pulling some serious dance moves in dingy pubs and clubs across London. For anyone who knows Ro and I, we are seriously a force to be reckoned with and we definitely bring out the fun in each other. 

All jokes aside Ro has built an awesome career and is well respected within our industry not only for her work but also her sunny disposition and can do attitude. Earlier this year she took the bold move of switching from being a full-time media planner to working part-time as a media strategist allowing her to follow her passion to teach yoga professionally. This passion for yoga has changed her life for the better ever since she discovered it's benefits for her wellbeing whilst living in Australia.

As someone who has continually inspired me over the years we've known each other, I asked Ro to fill in our Q&A on her experience of #goingsolo. Ro has shared on her website her personal story of how yoga has helped her overcome and live with the grief of losing her mother in her mid-twenties. An incredibly difficult time was made more bearable with the teachings and self-compassion yoga as a practice offered her. Her aim is to share this practice with others struggling with the hard times that life sometimes throws at us all and to teach not only how to downward dog but to respect our bodies and treat ourselves with kindness.

The biggest thing i’ve learnt from Ro, which I've tried to apply to myself whilst making the decision a few months back to #gosolo, is that we only regret the chances we didn't take. Also to wake up each day and remind yourself of all the new possibilities that can be available if you choose to go grab them.  

To find out more about Ro's philosophy, story or to attend one of her classes visit her website or Facebook page. She's #MyGirlDoneGood for life and i'm really proud to share some of her words of wisdom.

Ro generally looks like this happy after her morning cup of coffee


How long have you been freelance/working for yourself #goingsolo?

6 months

Describe you in five words... GO!

Colourful, spontaneous, scatty, intuitive, indecisive.

What made you decide to take the plunge?

I realised that my work/life balance wasn't what I wanted it to be. I wanted to share something I am passionate about and do something that truly excites me.

What's the best bit about being your own boss?

I have 3 (indecisive traits)...

Deciding and forging my own path. Learning more about myself. Having some more time to do things I love.

What's the biggest pain in the arse?

A bit controversial, but they are the same as the best bits.

Deciding and forging my own path - this is scary for someone indecisive! It feels overwhelming to be out of my comfort zone of a 9-5 job where I know what I am meant to be doing.

Learning more about myself - sometimes this can be a bit daunting. To know how to forge my future, I need to know where I want to go, and what I want to do. Again, it's outside of the comfort zone!

What's the grand plan/big idea?

I am very strict on not planning my whole future in one go, as part of the reason for going solo was to enjoy the journey and see where it takes me. I have many dreams. Many. So instead I plan in 3 month bursts, so my goals are attainable and I can see progress at regular intervals. The journey is an exciting one. 


What's the best bit of advice you could give someone about to #gosolo?

Accept that things don't happen overnight. As wise people say, Rome wasn't build in a day. Avoid judging or criticising yourself. Believe in you and what you are doing and the rest will come together.

Where do you get your inspiration from? (person, place, action)

A whole host of resources. I think it is important to weave your own story rather than following in someone else's footsteps. I spend a lot of time outside. I talk to people and read things. And I have started a journal which is really helping me feel more inspired (and also helps with the whole learning more about myself thing). 

If we could give you one thing right now (not a wad of cash) that would help your business out the most, what would it be?

A sounding board to bounce my ideas and thought off of. A second opinion. Going solo gives a person a lot of time bouncing things around in their own brain.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing - discuss.

So one of my biggest things is not living with regret. I am very much a forward thinker rather than focusing on the past (I don't think either is better than the other). If I had to say one, I would say perhaps I could have planned things in a bit more detail, but being scatty and spontaneous this was never going to happen so instead I will smile and stick to my 90 day plan.

What's your favourite quote to live/work by?

Unsurprisingly I have 3:

"I want to live my life without stress and worries. I don't need to be rich or famous. I just want to be happy." This has lived as my phone screensaver since the day I started thinking about taking the leap.

"Do no wrong but take no shit." Yoga Girl quote. I love her. So many people can shoot you down - don't stand for it. Politely decline their meanness. Be kind to yourself.

"I am enough". My daily mantra.