In the beginning ...

On a very untypical Monday lunchtime, Jess and I found ourselves in the pub. The main reason it was so untypical was:

  1. It was Monday

  2. We wouldn’t be heading back to our desks after the hour was up.

We had just found out that we no longer had jobs as the company we both worked for had gone into administration. Far from an ideal situation to find yourself in, we decided to put our heads together and think up some options. One way ticket to Bali? Multipack of Hula Hoops and hibernation? One thing we were both certain of is that we didn’t want to simply rush into another job because of the financial fear factor. Not an easy thing to do, with rent day looming and a couple of pre-booked holidays to pay for we could have strapped on our trainers and ran as quickly as we could into the first opportunity that presented itself. Tempting as it was, to that plan ... We said a resounding no.

We were both very clear in our minds that we wanted to make the right move, not the first move. But that did leave the rather gaping hole of a question... What is the right move? The answer turned out to be Mac&Moore. The brainchild of two slightly terrified but confident marketing gal pals who had spent the last months working in each other’s pockets, who have the same obsession with list making and completely different but complementary skillsets and who are incredibly passionate about the work that we do.

One thing we found as we started to go through the motions in completely unknown territory is that we both know a whole parade of people who have taken this amazing and uncertain leap into self-employment and even more impressive was how willing those people have been to help us out and give us advice and encouragement along the way. For that, we are unbelievably grateful.

We also found that there’s a lot of nonsense out there, and when you are wading your way through shark-infested start-up waters it’s sometimes hard to know who to trust, who you can count on for constructive, honest feedback and who is actually just out for themselves. We decided to make one of our founding principles as Mac&Moore to cut through all the BS and tell it like it is ... So that’s what this blog is going to be about. Our journey, no holding back, warts and all, traps, pitfalls, highs, lows, our inevitable first row (possibly over the fact we keep accidentally wearing the same outfits - check out the website photography - that was NOT intentional) so that hopefully someone else might benefit from us telling it straight. We will also be championing our fellow freelance friends and celebrating the wonderful work they’ve created by being fearless and taking the plunge.

When we worked together before Jess’ favourite phrase (aside from the indeterminable bird noises she often makes at regular intervals throughout the day) was ‘we’re getting there’. After a few short weeks and a lot of long days and reassuring ourselves ... I think she might be right.