Seen on the Screen

Not too long ago we sat in the Yalla Yalla food market near Oxford Circus eagerly awaiting the arrival of Meghan and Komali from King’s Ransom London. We’d been introduced to them by Jess’ good friend Tom and were keen to meet some fellow #GirlsDoneGood and hear all about their sassy street style clothing range. As we tucked into some delicious Lebanese food we chatted about being women in business and how frustrating it can be when people assume you shouldn’t have a seat at the domination table just because you happen to be female and under the age of 55.

This conversation led us to talking about a #GirlBoss collaboration and what we could do to stamp our feet and announce that WE ARE HERE! We decided to work together with Tom to produce an entry for the Ocean Outdoor Digital Creative Awards.

Now let me just clarify that this was not a money-making scheme, nor was it something that any of us got paid for, but someone once told us that you should always make sure you’re working on at least one project that inspires you and passionately drives you at all times. So we decided that developing a creative advertising concept for the new King’s Ransom clothing collection would do just that.

The sweet creative legend that is Tom Edwards hard at work scheming

The sweet creative legend that is Tom Edwards hard at work scheming

We met up one evening in Shoreditch to concoct our grand scheme and the idea was born: the world’s first live fashion billboard.

A whole fashion show would be street casted, styled, shot, edited and then broadcast on Ocean’s screens all over the world … all in one day.

The girls got to work producing an amazing video which you can see below and when we pressed go on our submission we knew that regardless of the outcome, we’d bloody loved doing the project.

Cut to this morning… A chilly Thursday and the four of us were reunited in Starbucks, huddling into our coats and feeling a distinct lack of optimism towards our chances of making an appearance but looking forward to the experience. We headed over to the BFI IMAX hoping that there would at least be a few free croissants to nibble on.

As we sat, right at the back feeling like naughty schoolchildren surrounded by representatives from some of the world’s biggest brands such as McDonald’s, Churchill, UNICEF and McVitie’s we slunk down in our seats. How could we possibly compete with the likes of these top dogs, and how silly we’d been for even attempting it.

As the presentation got underway the introduction included an image of all the brand and agency logos who had entered and lo and behold, THERE WE WERE!!! ON THE IMAX SCREEN! It was an incredible moment and one that I would never have predicted would happen in real life when we came up with the idea for Mac&Moore (in the pub). We all agreed that that was enough, that it was worth all of the time and effort spent on the entry just to see our logos on the big screen.

Oh look ... THERE WE ARE ... Right above Tim Bleakley's head ... casual.  Photo credit: Duel

Oh look ... THERE WE ARE ... Right above Tim Bleakley's head ... casual.

Photo credit: Duel

But then …

Just when all seemed lost and we’d watched an array of incredible, creative concept videos from the most famous brands in the world, we heard …

‘And now, the shortlist for the International Creative Technique Award starts with King’s Ransom and Mac&Moore’

Wait … WHAT?

Our video started playing out to 600 pairs of eyeballs and we struggled to stay sitting on our fold-down chairs we were so shocked, excited and downright delirious.

We had been shortlisted for the International Creative Technique award by the judging panel for the Ocean Outdoor 2016 Creative Competition.

When we emerged from the surreal wonderland of the cinema and out into the murky underpass leading us back to Waterloo station we literally didn’t know whether to scream, run around or faint a bit. I know for a lot of people sitting in that room these award entries and ceremonies are a part of their job and they probably took it all in their stride (even the winners who were insanely good by the way) but for us this was a BIG DEAL. It was a massive reminder that if you work hard and are nice people you can do ridiculous things.

Four ridiculously happy faces playing it cool outside the IMAX

Four ridiculously happy faces playing it cool outside the IMAX

So a massive shout out to King’s Ransom, the uber talented Tom Edwards, Richard Malton and the whole of Ocean Outdoor for giving us the opportunity to feel like big deals for the day… We’ll be back … And next time we’ll have our eyes on first prize ;)

But for now I’m going to eat a pizza … a BIG one.