About Us

The Unemployment Diaries

Chapter One

When two marketing gals found themselves on the wrong side of employment at exactly the same moment they had two choices:

Sit around in their pjs eating cereal straight from the box and watching countless re-runs of Made in Chelsea


Take control, get cracking and set up the awesome new marketing consultancy business that is Mac&Moore. Covering all bases from consultancy, strategy, social media, e-marketing, re-branding and a whole host of other mad marketing skills, Mac&Moore can get involved on one off project work or longer term marketing contracts for big or small companies.

We soon realised that we were not alone in this crazy world of entrepreneurial wizardry and have taken inspiration from a whole parade of wonderful little start-ups and individuals (whose work you will soon see showcased on our blog. Check that out ... intrigue AND suspense).

Cutting ties with the 9-5 grind: We’ll be tucking into projects we’re absolutely passionate about and working with brands we love. What could be better than that?

Keep an eye out for #FreelanceFriday, we’ll be heading to a different London hotspot every week. Come and join us for a coffee and tell us all about the big idea. Or if it’s after 5pm you might even catch us with a drop of gin ...




All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.