Pass me the remote...


After spending our entire working lives in offices, strapped to desks (Jess' usually the tidier one) we have realised that doing our very best work isn't all about working set hours in a set location. We get so excited when people ask us about our story and how we do what we do. Mostly, we're still figuring that part out, but one thing is for sure, we've thrown away the rule book on what it means to 'work hard' and we're both happier, more productive and producing better work than we ever have before.  GO TEAM!

Cutting ties with the 9-5 grind: We are tucking into projects we’re absolutely passionate about and working with brands we love. What could be better than that? We will shortly be leaving Big Ben behind for a while and embarking on some exciting new work in Amsterdam. We'll be splitting our time between The Dam and L-Town so make sure you hunt us down for a coffee on a #FreelanceFriday and tell us all about your big ideas!



Mac & Moore(s)

Portraits by Holliday Kedik

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Jess MacIntyre

With 10 years in the advertising world under her belt, Jess is now in her element running her own business. She has worked on some ground-breaking marketing projects for ad-tech startups, media businesses and B2C clients such as Heineken and Pernod Ricard. Her mantra has always been work hard and be nice to people and through this ethos she has worked alongside some brilliant marketing and creative pals creating amazing work she’s hugely proud of. After an inspiring year volunteering at the FCancer Project and advising friends when launching their own startups in her spare time Jess realised that mentoring and helping people and small businesses was quite frankly something she loved and was good at. Hence why the second part of the business was set-up in order to collate, inspire and showcase the amazing world of work that lives beyond the daily grind of the 9-5.

Natalie Moores

With a Masters in Creative Writing and some success as a performance/published poet, Nat arrived in London all the way from Manchester with a pretentious notebook, a head full of dreams and a semi-permanent state of confusion about how much more everything seemed to cost. She soon snapped out of it and cracked on with building a successful career in marketing. She has gained a wealth of experience and developed an extensive skillset working for several media, digital and ecommerce businesses. Specialising in copywriting, e-marketing and generally getting sh*t done, Nat handles the creative side of Mac&Moore's projects and loves a chance to develop bespoke personalities for brands that allow them to speak like people ... not dry corporates. From advert copy to a big idea to launch a brand, Nat loves to collaborate and work closely with clients to get under the skin of the company and therefore deliver the best results.